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Since she can remember, Grace has always had a passion for all things art. She was introduced to Erin during her time at her previous job, in which she took care of cutting down print jobs and occasionally printing posters for her. When Erin came in one day and expressed that she would be needing a part time helper for assembly during the summer of 2015, Grace eagerly applied. Seeing all the lovely designs on the paper she would cut down, really intrigued her as to what the final product looked like. When she was given the opportunity to work with Erin, she fell in love with the gorgeous invitations and event stationery she helped create, as well as the easygoing and friendly work environment at Be In Love; and has happily been there ever since!
She is currently going to ASU to achieve a degree in Design Management, which she will gladly put to use in her current position as Assembly Production Manager