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We announce with joy that on
June 11, 2016
we united our hearts and
joined our families
in Holy Matrimony
in a private ceremony
in Mesa, Arizona
As our friend, you were with us
in our thoughts and prayers
We look forward to celebrating
our happiness with you in the near future
Doctor James Arden and Brianna Davis
Melissa, Rose and Marcia

He slipped the ring on her finger, a promise made for life…
Join us as we share their joy now that they’re man and wife!
A party to honor the newly married
Tiffany and William Fleming
will be held on August 14, 2016
at 5:00 pm
in Corinth, Texas

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Fields
are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter
Emily Ann Fields
Grayson Lee Shaw
on Friday, the fifteenth of January
two thousand sixteen
Riverwood Mansion
Nashville, Tennessee

We eloped!
On the 6th of May, 2016
We said “I Do”
Aboard the Queen Mary
in South Beach, Miami
Dana and Andrew

You don’t need a ticket or advance reservation
just make waves to our wedding celebration
We will be married
on September 10, 2016
in Los Angeles, California
Please join us at our reception on September 11
at 12 noon
Bride and Groom’s house
123 Betty Lane
Brooklyn, New York
Michelle Elisa Stone
Damieon Byrant Spencer

Because you are good friends
we thought you’d like to know
that we ran off and got married
We did it on the go!
Amanda Pierce
Ryan Stone
tied the knot
on December 31, 2016
at Lansdowne Resort
Leesburg, Virginia

Britany Marie Walters
Tyson Barrett Lang II
have the honor of announcing
their marriage
on March 5, 2016
The Fairgate Inn
Camas, Washington

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