Copy your hotel information choices below and replace details with your information.


Do you have rooms been reserved for your event?

For a limited number of special group
rates, please mention you are part of the
Luchio / Hoffman Wedding
when booking your reservation

For special group rates when booking your
reservation, please mention the group code

Do you just need a convenient listing of hotels?

Here are a couple of headers to start…

We’d love for you to stay all night
and drink and dance until first light.
Relax and know that you can stay
at any of these hotels that day.

Come and dance the night away
with drink in hand and forked souffle
Don’t worry where you’ll put your head
these hotels have comfy beds.

Which way will you display hotel information?

Hyatt Regency
at Gainey Ranch

Hyatt Hotel
7500 East Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona

What info would you like to include?

· Main Hotels
· Other Hotels in the Area
· Address
· Phone number
· Website

The phone number and website are the most important informations to display out of the three there. With limited space availability, we usually use only them under each hotel name.

Footnotes For Your Hotel Card

Any of these can be added to the end of the hotel card options you choose.

Shuttle service information
(If it applies to your needs)

For more details, please visit
(If it is not already on your invitation)

Thinking of something different?

Let us know and we can help you write one especially for you!