Do you like the icon for the Name Line and the { } for Accepts/Declines?

Go Ahead – Mix & Match RSVP Wording Options!

Wording, icons and indicators are interchangable! If needed, add dinner selections too!


The favour of a reply is
requested by April 8, 2016
M __________________________
Ο Will attend
Ο Not able to attend
Number of persons ____

Kindly Reply
Please reply by
September 15, 2016
____ Will attend
____ Will not attend

Looking forward to the toasting, dining, dancing
and reminiscing? Please say “We do” and
respond by July 8th, 2016
M __________________________
{ } Accepts with pleasure
{ } Declines with regret
Please choose an entrée for each guest
S=Steak C=Chicken V=Vegetarian
Attending Guests Dinner Choice
__________________________ _____
__________________________ _____
__________________________ _____

We look forward to celebrating with you
Please reply by October 18, 2016
M __________________________
¤ I do! We’ll help make your day complete!
¤ I don’t. We’re unable, but hope your day is sweet.
Number of Guests Attending: _____

Kindly Respond
Say “We do”
and respond by August 1, 2016
( ) Wouldn’t miss it for the world!
( ) Will have to celebrate from afar
_____ Number of seats have been reserved for you.

We’re not making this up
Please respond by August 15
Name(s) ____________________
____ Yes, let’s make it official
____ No, we’re officially tied up
Please initial by meal choice
_____ Beef
_____ Chicken
_____ Vegetables

Kindly Respond
by April 10
M __________________________
{ } Sounds great, won’t be late!
{ } Just can’t make it, but congratulations!
Ready to celebrate? Let us know by June 5th
At your wedding, I/we plan to:
____ Eat a lot of cake
____ Dance my feet off
____ Smile endlessly
____ All of the above
____ Sadly, we cannot come.

Please Reply
Sea if you can respond by:
June 7th
[ ] Our ship came in! We’ll be there!
[ ] Sorry, we’re all booked up.
For dinner, we prefer to dine on a beast
[ ] of the land
[ ] of the sea
[ ] of feathers
[ ] of soy

Kindly Reply
The season won’t be jolly
without you! Please wrap your response
by December 1st
Ο Will be there with bells on
Ο Wrapped up somewhere else
Please initial each guest’s entrée choice
_______          _______          _______          _______
Food Choices Icons - Vector Cartoony

We’ve seen Santa’s list and you’re on it!
Reply to get on the “good” list before December 1st
M __________________________
Ο Will be there with bells on!
Ο Will be there, but I don’t do bells
Ο Will be there, still undecided about bells
Ο Won’t be there, heard about the bells
Ο Won’t be there, with or without bells

Please Respond
Ready to play with us? Roll your dice by January 12th
¤ I’m In, Collect $100 and Pass Go
¤ Stuck in Jail, Lose a Turn