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Parents Included

Mr. Largo Luchio and Ms. Adia Welch
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter
Maria Luchio
Jeffrey Hoffman
son of Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Hoffman
Saturday, the second of July
two thousand sixteen
at half past three o’clock in the afternoon
Cafe Brauer
2021 North Stockton Drive
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Lang
request the pleasure
of your company
at the marriage
uniting their children
Britany Marie Walters
Tyson Barrett Lang II
on Saturday, the fifth of March
two thousand sixteen
at four o’clock in the evening
The Fairgate Inn
2213 NW 23rd Avenue
Camas, Washington

Bride and Groom Inviting

We invite you to be with us
as we begin our new life together
on Friday, the sixth of May
two thousand sixteen
at ten-thirty in the morning
Moonlight Basin
66 Mountain Loop Road
Big Sky, Montana
Dana Hart
Andrew Schmidt

Together with our parents, we
Christy Daniels
Ried Andrews
invite you to share with us
this joyous celebration of love
at our marriage
Sunday, the sixteenth of October
two thousand sixteen
one o’clock in the afternoon
Calamigos Ranch
327 Latigo Canyon Road
Malibu, California

The pleasure of your company
is requested at the marriage uniting
Brianna Davis
Doctor James Arden
Saturday, the eleventh of June
two thousand sixteen
at quarter past six o’clock in the evening
Stonebridge Manor
4000 East Palm Street
Mesa, Arizona
Cocktails, dinner and dancing
immediately following

Soon we will be joining together
all the hopes for the future and our lives
Please join us as we spend
the first day of our life together
on Sunday, the fourteenth of August
two thousand sixteen
at half past three in the afternoon
Ashton Gardens
2001 Ashton Gardens Lane
Corinth, Texas
Tiffany Lawrence
William Fleming

Emily Ann Fields
Grayson Lee Shaw
joyfully invite you to share
in their happiness
as they unite in marriage
on Friday, the fifteenth of January
two thousand sixteen
at seven o’clock in the evening
Riverwood Mansion
1833 Welcome Lane
Nashville, Tennessee

Lauren Dunn
Richard Palmer
invite you to be with us
as we celebrate our new life together
Saturday, the twenty-third of April
two thousand sixteen
three o’clock in the afternoon
Summerset Winery
15101 Fairfax
Indianola, Iowa
Casual attire
Reception to follow

With joyful hearts
we request your presence
at the ceremony uniting
Michelle Elisa Stone
Damieon Byrant Spencer
on Saturday, the tenth of September
two thousand sixteen
at half past five o’clock in the evening
Hotel Bel-Air
701 Stone Canyon Road
Los Angeles, California

Amanda Pierce
Ryan Stone
request the pleasure of your company
as they tie the knot
on Saturday, the thirty-first of December
two thousand sixteen
at half past eight o’clock in the evening
Lansdowne Resort
44050 Woodridge Parkway
Leesburg, Virginia
Dinner and dancing to follow

Footnotes For Your Invite

Any of these can be added to the end of the invite wording

reception to follow

festivities and merriment to follow

adult only affair

formal attire requested

black tie event

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Etiquette: Registry information does not go on
wedding invitations. It is considered bad etiquette.


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