When to Send: 6 months to 6 weeks before the wedding

Wedding invitations are where you can go into great detail about your wedding. However, you can include as much or as little information as you want (or that your budget will allow.)

Some of the traditional inserts that can be found in wedding invitations:

Response Card (a.k.a. RSVP) – Can be included with an envelope or without, such as postcard style.
Reception Card – Used when your wedding is at a different location than the reception.
Hotel Accommodations – To inform out of town guests where to stay and group rate information.
Map and/or Directions – Detailed location information for your wedding and reception.

Other possible inserts for wedding invitations:

Events Card – Invite guests to events, such as morning golf or next day brunch.
Rehearsal Dinner Invite – Sometimes included for those guests you wish to have apart of your rehearsal plans.
Wedding Website Card – Often used instead of all other inserts. Directs guests to your wedding website that contains all of the details of the wedding and surrounding events.
Matching Sail Away Ticket Wedding Invites
Along with things you should include in your wedding invitation, etiquette also states a few things you shouldn’t. We strongly advise against putting anything about your registry in your wedding invitations. (However, it is perfectly acceptable to put in your shower invites.) The purpose of the wedding invitation is to invite guests to the wedding and/or reception, not to ask for gifts. A great way to convey this information is to include it “For more information, please visit” and your wedding website address somewhere in your invitation suite.

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